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25 January 2014 @ 02:31 pm
Hello, today I bring you a replacement mesh for rebecah's animated poultry, based on a peacock that Daislia extracted. If you had hers and want mine please remove them. To be honest I didn't even research how to make them non-replacement because I just wanted them for my game and I didn't need normal chicken in it. Hope you like it, comes with 3 colors.

- Rebecah at affinitysims
- Daislia
Almighty Hathat_plays_sims on January 28th, 2014 02:12 pm (UTC)
The closest I have to a tutorial is a thread on MTS about assorted objects that add NPC files.

But using myself as an example, if I got sick of the Sims My Farm animals (I have all of them and didn't switch to Rebecah's because I didn't want to deal with any issues in my testerhoods that might come from the switch), I'd first go into my Downloads folder, find my Sims My Farm folder, and hit sort by date. Having done that, the files that've been modified most recently are:

farm_horse_npc (modified 1-15-14, the last time I loaded a house with a horse on it)
and two files named:
that I suspect are multiple chicken instances with random filenames.

Now, I have one house with one horse on it, one house with a cow and a couple of chickens, and one house with one pig. I have ONLY ever used the animals in ONE of my neighborhoods, so I only need to copy those files to Sims 2/Neighborhoods/N001/Characters. If I had used the animals in multiple neighborhoods, I'd want to copy those files to every Characters folder in every neighborhood where I'd used the animals, to avoid any file-breakage.

(I could copy them to anywhere, actually. I could leave them in Downloads. But copying them to Characters in the neighborhood where they've been used will keep me from inadvertently deleting them.)

Again, it's probably safest to not just move the NPC files but to go to every lot with animals on it and sell them off.

Basically, it's like installing a Multi-PT mod. Even if you install another mod later, do not delete the PT files. And this goes for any kind of mod that creates an NPC, from Beck's farm animals old AND new to the Sims My Farm animals to ANY radio-controlled toy. I did use and remove Beck's older animals from MTS, and wouldn't you know it the only house that used those is the one house in the whole Testerhood that crashes my game if I click on it. (The Testerhood is probably corrupt, but eh, it's a testerhood, its ultimate fate is to be battered about and ultimately destroyed.)