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Old Stuff~

Hi guys, like I was saying a few days ago I've deleted the posts in my old dw account and now I'm sharing with you the link to the whole folder. Also, I decided to give you pictures. Everything should be in alphabetic order for easier searching but if isn't, there is probably a setting you can handle yourself. I hope this is helpful to you.

- TS2 FOLDER : Includes everything I've uploaded to GoS, UYS, and my old DW account. In this folder I've also included a .txt file with a list of everything with descriptions and relevant info. Also includes a WIP folder which is stuff I didn't finish before I got sick of the game and uninstalled everything. The most important to retrieve from that folder would be Uni and NL hair replacements, if it interests you. There is also an incomplete basegame package, but that's only useful as a template.

- PSDs FOLDER :  Includes photoshop files, milkshape files, simpe stuff, wip packages, basically project folders. I've stopped making these kind of backups, but maybe the ones I've uploaded for my old projects could be useful to you.

- IMGUR ALBUM : Includes pictures of my old DW account only. The GoS/UYS stuff has been left untouched. These should also be in alphabetic order so it will be easy to find stuff.

Finally, here is a list of the stuff in GoS and UYS, so you can find it more easily as well.

- Glucose: 55 recolors of Maxis' satinistics sofa
- Virus: 20 Distressed Beddings
- Dreamer: 10 recolors of Simple Structure coffee table
- Dustin: 10 recolors of NuMica table

- Shelby: Simlogical's shelf bed in Pooklet's colors
- Wriggling Worms: Holy Simoly nurseries grungified
- Tin: guatla's Broken Kitchen in guatla's Fusteria metal textures
- Germs: Pet Stories portapotty made recolorable + retextures

- Critters: Enayla's Masquerade textures as tops (TF/AF, custom only)
- Plaid: Club Crimsyn Flannel textures for children (CM/CF, Default and custom)
- Abomination: Cuffed pants recolors (CM, Default and Custom)
- Brainwash: 19 child T-shirt recolors (CM, Default and Custom)
- Shameless: 24 Children shirts (CF, Default and Custom, CM Custom only) + 2 bonus shirts custom only
- Witches Dancing: AL Witch outfits (TF to EF, Default only)
- Meow: 6 Skirts with kitty shoes (CF, Tucked default only and Untucked custom only)
- Raspberry: 4 Pleated skirts (CF, Default and Custom)
- Dyna: 6 Pants with boots (TF/AF, Default and custom) + bonus custom only
- Mary: 22 Untuckable shirts (TF/AF, Default and custom)
- Cesspit: 9 Teen male Tops (TM, Custom only)
- Lunchbox: 9 PU Outfits with boots (PU, Custom only)
- Skidway: 9 Toddler dresses with boots (PU, Custom only)
- Pandemonium: CU Outfits with boots (CU, Custom only)
- Colette: CF Outfits with boots (CF, Custom only)

- Bang!: 9 Functional guns
- Opera: Freetime resized and placeable anywhere + 5 recolors
- Mutilated: New tv mesh placeable anywhere + 5 recolors
- Static: Sims 1 tv extracted and placeable anywhere + 5 recolors
- Radon: Cell phone replacements and small radio
- Xenon: ATS2 radio 007 remapped + 5 recolors
- Bacteria: Extracted FO3 Meshes and Maxis recolors for a diner
- Secretary: Functional typewriter and Mini-tv

- Starfire: Tiny brows in Pooklet's colors (All ages)
- Beehive: Three eyebrow sets in Pooklet's colors (All ages)

- Manor: M&G hairs retextured/recolored (Default only)
- Paraphernalia: AL hairs retextured/recolored (Default only)
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